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Meet Cynthia Aguilar, Expert Trader

Updated: Feb 17, 2020

Cynthia Aguilar (aka CYNUSD; aka CynCity)

Since my introduction to trading, I have developed an extraordinary passion for technical analysis. My strong suit is swing trading, using supply and demand techniques. I have matured in patience, grown a spirit of calmness, and developed the craft of responding to market changes professionally rather than emotionally. It's been over a year and I'm humbled to have been granted the opportunity to be a Jr. Portfolio Manager in such a short period of time. This responsibility has allowed me to achieve what has been my greatest accomplishment - helping and teaching those who desire to grow in their trading journey. I'm even more grateful for the miracle of being blessed with two mentors - Professor Cornelius Ward & Investment Strategist Lamar Lemus. I met them both while receiving an education at one of the largest trading academies in the world. Throughout my mentorship journey, 2 words come to mind: extraordinary and challenging. Whether it's trading, investing, personal, or spiritual, I haven't stopped learning new things from them. Their mentorship and training has opened up opportunities for me to be acknowledged by professionals in the industry and to hold teaching positions in other businesses. I can't wait to take you through my journey, it never stops!

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