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Meet Cottrell Phillip, Expert Trader, CEO ToshiMarkets

Updated: Feb 17, 2020

I was born into upper middle class in Trinidad and moved to Canada when I was 7 years old. From a young age, my father taught himself to trade while providing for our family. I was introduced to the world of finance early on but was expected to work in the trades (welding, pipe fitting, plumbing, etc). I knew I wanted more so I started university at 17 and pursued a career as a paramedic. After hearing a lecture about financial freedom while in university, from a professor who wasn’t financially free himself, I decided to follow in my father's footsteps and immerse myself in learning about the financial market. My mother and father have always been a pillar of support for my decisions, so at age 19 I buckled down and pursued this new passion while working a part time job at a restaurant. I spent every waking hour that I wasn't working, studying the markets and saving money until I could start trading myself. When I was able to quit my part-time, minimum wage job, I went into trading full time even though I was not profitable at it initially. I knew submerging myself in the markets fully would either make me or break me.

I planted myself in front of the computer for 3 years - engaging in countless mentorship programs, watching free videos on YouTube and studying the charts relentlessly. I became so skilled at trading that I was able to travel the world, visiting 30 countries but I still felt something was missing. After much social media demand asking me to share my journey to financial freedom, I decided to start my own mentorship program.

At 23 years old, I built my first mentorship platform on ‎WhatsApp in 2012 with just 25 students. I started the "10k in 30 days" challenge and have since had 2 students hit the 7 figure earner mark - one earning $5 million in six months with an initial $6000 deposit. This success attracted the attention of the Erick V. Holtzclaw business insider radio show and I was flown out to Atlanta to share how I achieved this with my online mentorship. This led to an appearance on the Brian Tracey show with my business partner at the time, a recognition of 2 young men who had made their mark as up and coming entrepreneurs in the financial market.

During this time, I had aspirations to enhance the mentorship experience by developing an "earn while you learn" tool that would not only reinforce the teaching concepts but allow students to earn an income while building their own skills and portfolio. I created an automated trading algorithm using the trading strategies that had been so successful for me over the years. This auto trader, named F.R.I.D.A.Y (Forex Reversals In Daily Algorithmic Yieldings) is now an integral piece of the ToshiMarkets company I run. From group and private mentorship to automated trading, educational webinars, videos and signals - we have something for everyone! I have an amazing team that I am proud to work with and we have a mission to change the financial future of individuals across the globe. Join us!

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